Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our FAQs to gain a better understanding of Inclusive Speech Therapy and how we professionally serve our clients.

Our pricing is in line with the NDIS 2021-2022 price guide. Please contact us to discuss this further.

We work with adolescents and adults who have communication and / or swallowing difficulties. We also aim to work with the individual’s family, caregivers, and support team to ensure generalisation of strategies to all environments.

Most certainly. We are currently in the process of obtaining NDIS provider registration and are therefore limited to seeing clients whose NDIS plans are self-managed or plan-managed.  Unfortunately, we are not yet able to see clients who have NDIA-managed plans.

Absolutely! As a mobile therapy service, we can see clients in their homes, schools, community libraries, and at their day programs. We are currently servicing the Gold Coast area.

We sure can.  We will first complete a questionnaire to ensure that online therapy will be a valuable service for the client. Online therapy sessions are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. These services are offered to individuals all over Australia.

At present, Inclusive Speech Therapy is a mobile and online service. Kimberley is in the process of finding an appropriate clinic to offer services from to cater for all individuals.

Inclusive Speech Therapy cannot provide you with a formal diagnosis as this needs to be obtained through comprehensive assessments completed by your GP, Psychologist, Paediatrician, and Early Intervention team.